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thinking about space
Six months ago we created a range of flexible learning spaces at our secondary campus.  We were inspired by ideas from Make SpaceThe Third Teacher and Design Share and documented the initial design here. This is an update.
Periodic tables
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This is v6 of the Periodic table from Make Space.  Changes include a whiteboard surface and additional reinforcement of the frame and legs.  We'll likely create v7 with larger wheels for smoother movement and easier locking/unlocking.  They've been a popular addition as they're modular, agile and allow for both standing and sitting.  Cost around $100US to fabricate here. 
Display spaces
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The wall to wall whiteboards are seeing a lot of attention.  Plenty of visible thinking, display areas and showcase of learning.  We had an issue where the whiteboard surface started to separate from the back but it was a relatively easy fix.  It's always good to ensure you have a significant defect period built in to your building contract.
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Some staff have started to keep boards permanently open for different purposes.  This was an unintended win.  Above is an example of individual student storage spaces.
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Here it's a mini library.
Agile couches
broken image
Another idea from Make Space.  Cheap IKEA Klippan sofas + $20 worth of castors. We need to use these types of wheels on the Periodic Tables.
Wave bench
broken image
The wave bench (which was initially pegged for small group work) is being used in a variety of ways.  In this instance it's a resource area.
broken image
Here it's a store house for writing samples.
broken image
And here a table has been added to create a conferring space for TCRWP.  Students even use them as a cave space for quiet reading / reflection time.  
Mobile storage
broken image
You see these storage units all over the place.  Sometimes they're display spaces, other times they're a work top for students.  The handle on top makes them easy to drag around.  
broken image
They could possibly evolve to include open shelving / better wheels / etc.  Or maybe there is a cheaper alternative from IKEA?  Need to seek staff feedback on this.
Mobile AV
broken image
We mobilised all the the AV equipment with Flytta kitchen trolleys.  It removes the traditional 'front of class' by making it easy to move the projector / speakers / document camera around.  We've been using these trolleys in various ways for 3 years now and they're still in great condition.  
broken image
We were worried about the large number of hard surfaces so we used this sound dampening material wherever we could.  We also added sound absorbing bats to the roof and carpet tiles on the floor.  Seems to have done the job. 
broken image
The Third Teacher got us thinking a lot about lighting.  We installed 'daylight' LEDs, glass for the interior walls and variable blinds on the windows.  Its made a significant difference to lighting across the entire floor.  The internal glass walls have also started to become a place to jot ideas with whiteboard markers. 
All in all, its been a positive change.  I particularly love seeing how staff and students hack the spaces to work in entirely different ways.  
Pictures from @B3CC4BU @AndreaJarr, @NathanLill1 & @RosanaWalsh's rooms, who all do a great job of exploring their spaces.
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