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storehouse is the versatile learning tool you've been looking for
Even though I've only recently created my first Storehouse I'm already enamoured with this tool. Not only was it simple for me to create and share my story, it was also immediately apparent that it could be leveraged to support a range of pedagogical practice.  
Take advantage of the iPads and iPhones that are probably already in students' bags with the ideas below.
1.  Give authenticity to procedural writing
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Take a traditionally dry topic and make it immediately authentic to the learner.  Enable students to share their passions and allow them to document recipes, construction, knitting, experiments, skateboard tricks or whatever they like.  Share these and encourage other students to learn and give feedback on each other's work.  
2.  Document great teaching and learning
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As an educator it's often difficult to capture the essence of a successful learning experience through a single media type (E.g. text or video).  Storehouse provides the perfect way to meld authentic video snapshots, resources, concepts and process into a single stream that can be immediately shared with others.  Best of all the comments can be used to reflect and support a community of practice.  Build a bank of pedagogical exemplars that are visible within your school community and beyond. 
3. Give students agency over their learning
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Traditional learning portfolios are relatively static, teacher controlled and often inaccessible to both parents and the learner.  Give agency to even the youngest of students to document their own learning and exemplar creations through the highly accessible user interface.  Provide mechanisms for students to review, reflect and comment on their peer's learning. Make it simple for parents or guardians to get just in-time updates on their child's learning.
4. Tell your school's story
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Empower a team of students to become mobile journalists for both important events or day-to-day life at your school.  Leverage the iOS devices they already have in their pockets.  Create a single Storehouse account for the school that republishes their journalistic work. 
5.  Share great technique
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PE and art teachers will know the immediate importance of this.  Spend time breaking down the essence of a great golf swing or drawing technique and capturing it with Storehouse so it's always accessible to learners.  Ask students to do the same so you can identify issues and support those who need it most.  Highlight student exemplars and use them as a reference point for others.  Imagine the boost to their self esteem that gives! 
6.  Conduct a content harvest before learning commences
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At the beginning of a new inquiry, unit or topic, have students search through Storehouse on their iOS devices for relevant, media rich resources that could support their upcoming learning.  Combine this with other content repositories like YouTube and iTunes U and soon you have a wealth of learning resources to kick-off the unit.  
7.  And share compelling stories.
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At its heart, Storehouse is a beautiful storytelling tool.  Take advantage of it as an alternative way for students to showcase learning and give every learner the opportunity to succeed, not just those who are adept at written assessment. 
Thanks to @cho_liz, @mmruthai and @4lexgutierrez for the examples above.