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I lost Carmageddon... again (ಠ_ಠ)



Image by Patrick McCrea

If you're not familiar with Carmageddon, it's radio controlled nuclear war held at a skatepark in Shenzhen. After a disappointing result at the inaugural event I expected to win the second comfortably using a car that not even god could kill.

Comprised of a reciprocating saw and garbage bin armour, it nearly offed my hand during construction and made quick work of some test cars.

I was sure to win.

When Carmageddon finally arrived a storm did too.

Warriors have no time for rain.

broken image

It was the usual shit-show.

broken image

But with added snare flares thanks to Chris O'Connor.

broken image

Clayton ended up winning while I rolled around, gently scratching my enemies.

broken image

I'm going to frankenstein the two of them together as punishment for Carmageddon 3.

broken image
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