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Navigating the AI Landscape:

5 tools for K-12 Educators

· Generative AI,ChatGPT,Education,EdTech

While tools like ChatGPT are incredibly impressive, it can be challenging to see past the hype and identify practical ways to use these for learning design, assessment, personalisation, and more.

Luckily, inspiration can come from anywhere, and it's sometimes worth exploring how other professions, industries and individuals are leveraging these tools in their own respective contexts.

With that in mind, check out these 5 resources that might get your thinking differently about generative AI in teaching and learning.


1. You Probably Need A Robot

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Just sign up for their newsletter and you’ll receive regular and accessible updates on emerging AI technologies. Not spammy at all and provides information in a brief, practical, and straight-forward manner.


2. FlowGPT

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Prompt engineering is all the craze right now and FlowGPT allows individuals to post and share prompts that work best for them. Just search for a topic or idea or simply sort by popularity to find one that might work for you.


3. /r/ChatGPT

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So like anything on Reddit, the content can be a mixed bag. But amongst the jokes/memes/etc you’ll find trending ideas and resources that can help inspire your next K-12 application of Generative AI.


4. @LinusEkenstam

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Linus does a fantastic job of keeping abreast of developments in Generative AI. He regularly posts content that is inspiring, practical and often mind-blowing. Def worth a follow!


5. Online AI Professional Development

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This year, International Schools Services (ISS) is offering a range of professional development events focused on AI utilisation in elementary, secondary, specialist areas, leadership and technical teams. These are highlighted above in pink and you can access the entirety of ISS's PD catalogue by signing up for a passport here.


P.S - If you're looking for an interactive ChatGPT prompt that can save you some time, check this out.