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@mcelroy23 and I were half way through our second beer when we came up with the idea for Carmageddon, a radio controlled death match with a dash of Mario Kart. By the third beer we had rules and even propaganda materials to peer pressure friends.

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Then everything got secretive fast. No one wanted to share their design in case it gave someone the upper hand. I set up a space at work and shielded it with cardboard to stop the spies.

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The premise for my design was to simple. Take two cars, strip one for its components and use them to weaponise the other.

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The first test of the radio controlled blade went well. 

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But after spending ages on the mount the second test went to hell.

So I designed a better mount and also integrated the two separate controllers.

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Then Carmageddon came and it was the most wonderful time of our lives.

While my car survived, the blade was pretty ineffectual as it needed 30 seconds to spin up (which was nearly impossible while driving).

broken image

Next time I'm duct taping an axel grinder to it.

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