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    Old Shekou

    A snapshot of pre-gentrified Old Shekou in Shenzhen, China.

    Level 5

    Level 5 is an agile space for creativity, design and learning based in Shenzhen.


    An iBook on contemporary teaching and learning created by our team @ #SISrocks

    Creating agile learning spaces

    An overview of the agile learning spaces that have been developed at Shekou International School.


    A deep dive into learning innovation

    This showcases how Shekou International School is transforming teaching and learning through the integral use of technology. 

    New York Times - 'Life in Highrises'

    'Life in High-rises' ~ New York Times

    These images were included in the New York Times interactive on high rise living. The one above was the key to their social media campaign.

    Conference: Create

    At 'Create' participants delved into practical ways to unleash creativity and innovation in their personal teaching practice.

    A snapshot of learning innovation

    This documents Shekou International School's first year of learning innovation in action.

    Conference: Transforming learning with the iPad

    At 'Transforming learning with the iPad',  participants explored ways in which iOS could support a diverse range of learning experiences.

    iPad in Australia: iTunes U series.

    This is a collection of contemporary iPad infused practice from Apple Distinguished Educators across Queensland.   

    Learning Bites: iTunes U series

    A collection of practical, cross-curricluar examples of the integral use of the iPad.  

    Measure it! iPhone app

    Measure it! was featured in Apple TV advertisements world-wide and made it to the #1 paid spot.

    Educate iPhone app

    Educate was one of the first apps to support contemporary teaching and learning in the classroom.  It made it to the #1 Education app spot.


  • john burns

    creativity, design, change leadership, #edtech

    I'm an educator interested in contemporary learning, change, design, coding and video games. Advise around strategic planning, agile environments, discrete pedagogical practice and design. Currently the Director of Creativity and Innovation for International Schools Services #ISSedu.


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